3 Mistakes to Watch Out for When Installing a Septic Tank in Williamson GA

Posted on: December 5, 2017 by in Septic Tank Install
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Installing a septic tank in Williamson GA is one particular thing that people may do one or two times in a lifetime. Septic tanks are built to last 20 to 40 years, depending on the components used. A cement system could possibly even last generations, so there’s truly a real possibility that if you use high quality materials, and have the project done correctly the first time, you may never need to do an install again. While this is fantastic because it frees you up for other things, it doesn’t give the average person a lot of opportunity to know what’s needed when installing a septic tank in Williamson GA. Of all the oversights individuals make on their first run through, these three are without a doubt the most common.

1. Failure to Obtain Required Building Permits

Building permits are absolutely essential when installing a septic tank in Williamson GA. Without them, your job will be illegal, and you can deal with consequences at a city, county, or state level. Aside from this, the permit process also guarantees that a log is kept, detailing where the system is. This is valuable if you ever sell your home, but it’s also important because officials will check to make sure you don’t contaminate any groundwater and that your intended site is appropriate. In other words, the building permit process is necessary to protect the health and wellness of your family, animals in the area, and your neighbors.

2. Not Employing a Professional Installation Company

You may find that some plumbers, handymen, and excavation companies also offer services, but it’s not actually what they do. Installation of any component of a system is a task of engineering and requires a good deal of accuracy to ensure the work is completed properly. Failing to hire a professional who has dedicated his life to septic systems is like letting your general physician perform a major surgery on you. Yes, he knows where all your parts are, and where they should go, but he won’t be as accurate as a surgeon and he may not be able to catch potential problems before they become emergencies.

3. Forgetting About the Future

Because your system should last for years, it’s essential to think of the future when you do an install. A small reservoir could suit you fine for today, but suppose your household grows or you have frequent guests down the line? You’ll also need to make certain that you never plan to build in the area of your system, including the leach field, for as long as it’s there. When you select a place, make sure it’s ideal for you now, and will still be ideal for the next 40 years.

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